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Your satisfaction is our priority!
Woods Quality Collision's mission
is to focus on "our customer's" needs through professional, courteous and efficient service.


Quality Workmanship, Trustworthy, Honesty is the foundation of our business.

We know that our customers' satisfaction is what makes us successful.


Our commitment to our customer is ongoing and and we stive to provide excellent service.

Our Repair Process

1. Prepare estimate, owner signs repair authorization & insurance approval and parts are ordered.  Completion date given & vehicle scheduled for repairs

2. Vehicle disassembled and re-inspected & supplement damage report written, if necessary.  This report is written to cover any additional or “hidden” damage that may be discovered once your vehicle’s outer panels are removed and the physical structure of your vehicle is revealed. Supplement approved & additional parts are ordered, if necessary.  The insurance company must authorize this additional damage before we can continue the repair.  Please note that this additional damage may alter your vehicles completion date.

3. Vehicle set on unibody equipment, (if needed) & structural & body repairs.  Exact location and fit of integral parts are critical to the operation and appearance of your vehicle.  In this process we measure your vehicle against published factory specifications and return your vehicle to within the manufacturer’s prescribed tolerances to ensure proper operation, location and fit of body and structural parts.   Our repair technicians will now undertake structural and body repairs.

4. New panels installed and checked for proper fit.  All collision-related repairs require some degree of cosmetic repair and often require replacement of factory panels.  We will check for proper fit here and ensure your vehicle’s parts look, fit and align the way they should.  Corrosion protection reapplied to repaired areas.

5. All metal work done and initial tests done.  It is at this point in the repair that we begin to check systems for proper functioning and perform quality control systems for the repair work. An example of a systems check would be the resetting of your safety systems, involving your passive restraint or air bag system. 

6. Vehicle prepped, primed and blocked, masked, taped and placed in paint booth and vehicle is chemically cleaned and tacked in additional to going through

a multi-step refinishing process.

7. Reassembly, wheel alignment, air conditioning, detailing, final inspection and test drive. Should your repair require a wheel alignment or services such as air conditioning repair, we will perform them at this time.  Your car will undergo a thorough cleaning, test drive and quality inspection prior to being returned to you!

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